Ignorant, Idiots, or Evil. If you’re a Democrat; which one are YOU?

September 10, 2006

I used to be a Democrat.

In fact, I’ve never been anything other than a registered Democrat (where I live now, you don’t register by party). And when I first chose a party, it was after the whole Nixon/Watergate thing. The first time I voted for President, when I was 18, it was for Jimmy Carter against Reagan.

Like most Democrats, I was ignorant. I didn’t pay attention to politics until right before an election, if at all. And then I actually believed what Democrats said.

It wasn’t until the Clinton administration that I actually started paying attention to politics. And that was because I couldn’t believe the outrageous lies he was telling. A member of his own party said, “he’s an unusually good liar.” Well, he wasn’t. He was an unusually brazen liar. I couldn’t understand why nobody called him on his lies.

To make a long story short (and I will elucidate further at another time), I eventually discovered that it wasn’t just Clinton that lied about everything. The entire Democrat Party, at the national level, the California state level, the Los Angeles city level, and even up here in Washington, base their candidacies on lies.

I believe the Democrats at the top are evil because they create the lies (and “the Devil is the father of all lies”). This is doubly so, because they lie about what they believe and what their opponents believe just to get elected so they can enact their radical Marxist agenda, and by doing so, they destroy democracy.

There are serious issues that need to be debated. But when Democrats lie about what they believe, and what their opponents believe, a thoughtful debate isn’t possible and Democracy cannot exist.

I had tremendous respect for Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Although he was a definite liberal, he was absolutely honest and said exactly what he stood for, and by doing so, he brought interesting things to the debate. He was one of the last of the old breed of Democrats. I didn’t often agree with him, but I respected him. I currently have a lot more respect for the Communist Party USA than I do the Democrat party, because you know what you’re voting for if you vote for the Communists. In fact, that’s about the only difference between the Democrats and the Communists. The Democrats are just clever Communists.

In order to get elected, today’s Democrats say that they’re Republicans (with the exception of abortion), and that Republicans are Nazis.

If today’s Democrats were forced to tell the truth about their positions and their opponents opinions, they would comprise only 1/3 of the House and Senate and they would never get near the White House.

As for Idiots, they are the people who believe and repeat the obvious lies, although they did not create the lies. And/or, they believe that Marxism (although relegated to the ash-heap of evil in most countries), just has never been done right, and “this time we’ll do it right.”

Ignorant? Those are people like I used to be. They comprise the majority of the Democrat party. They believe what their party says, and what candidates say during election season. They don’t pay attention to what Democrats actually do once they’re elected.

I don’t mean to put people down by saying they’re ignorant (I said it about myself). We all have lots of other things to think about. It’s actually difficult to be fully informed on political issues.

If I ran a TV news department, I wouldn’t spend hours on car chases. I would probably start every newscast with a segment called, “Here’s how your lawmakers screwed you today.” Because that affects you and your family more than some random incident where you’re supposed to feel bad about a stranger.